Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0
Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0



The 9 Step Process PROVEN to Kick Thyroid Symptoms in the Butt

So you can feel like YOU again!

Ever feel like asking your body what the HELL it’s been doing lately?

Because, as far as you can tell, it’s on some unpredictable, uncontrollable path to ruining your life…  

It’s got you feeling flat and frumpy and frustrated.  

It’s leaving you with ZERO motivation or energy, making even the most ordinary tasks - like getting dressed in the morning or brushing your darn teeth - feel like a sherpaless climb up Mt Everest.  

Your moods are allll over the place.  

(Seriously… even the Real Housewives of Orange County seem like comparatively calm, measured individuals)  

You’re hardly sleeping, which *sucks* (because holy cheeses you are tired!) and your brain’s turned into a giant, foggy mess.  

You’re gaining weight... like 23 pounds of it. 

And you’re SO uncomfortable in your own skin, you’ve considered swapping bodies with your cat.

Maybe you’ve stopped wearing makeup... Or are hiding away at home, watching your self-confidence melt away into a pitiful little puddle on the floor while your social life goes on without you. You’ve swapped all your fun clothes for whatever hides your lumps and bumps, in a last ditch attempt to keep your heavier frame a secret. And, as if that’s not enough, your libido’s packed up and gone on a looonnng vacation -- Seriously, did it buy a one-way ticket?? -- Leaving you feeling like the crappiest, crabbiest partner in the world. Even worse, you’re so dang EXHAUSTED all the time, your performance at work or your ability to be a good mom is slipping right through your fingers. You’re keeping all this to yourself of course, because shame is slung around your shoulders like a suffocating lead cloak…  

You’re TERRIFIED this might be the new you That things will be this way FOREVER, and you’ll be stuck sitting on the sidelines of life, like some sad, beat down cheerleader who’d dreamed of bigger things. Because, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to fix it… ANY of it. All the stuff you used to do to keep healthy and in shape doesn’t work anymore. Working out feels almost impossible, thanks to the fact your energy’s disappeared into some far away realm -- And you’d probably have to stick to a diet of lettuce leaves and celery for the pounds to fall off, because WHY THE HECK are they piling on in the first place?! You’re getting all kinds of conflicting, confusing information from the people around you (including your Doctors) -- And your body is flat out *refusing* to reflect how you’re treating it. It’s no wonder you’re feeling embarrassed, confused, and flat out of hope. But, you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way...  

Hey homie, I’m Erin! Singer, dog lover, personal trainer, and woman on a mission. Since I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2013 -- Yep, It happens to personal trainers too --  

Erin Mullins Sanderson

I’ve made it my legit QUEST to take control of my health, ditch my symptoms, and help others do the same.  

(So far I’ve helped 716 people get on top of their thyroid health and stay there. Pretty cool, right?)  

Back in 2013, I was gaining weight, having crazy mood swings, struggling to get dressed in the morning, and feeling nothing - *nothing* - like my true self.  

I was empty, I was ashamed, and I’d never felt more alone.  

So yeah…  

I know a thing or two about thyroid dysfunction...  

I know it hits you in the soul.  

It's not like a broken leg or a broken arm or a headache or having a couple of bad days (if only, right?) --  

It rips you apart from the inside out.  

Somehow, as my world was crashing down around me, I harnessed my last remaining bit of bad-assery and fought for my health.  

When I couldn’t get answers (from three separate doctors and countless specialists) or wasn’t being heard, I didn’t let it end there.  

I kept pushing, pestering, reading and searching.  

(If you’ve tried this approach too, you’ll know just how much misinformation there is out there. This thyroid stuff gets real murky, real quick.)  

I put myself on waitlists with all kinds of specialists, just so I could spend 15 minutes peppering them with questions…  

I read every single book and every single study I could get my hands on, teaching myself the medical terms and clinical language as I went.  

I worked out which specialist and which tests I needed to *finally* get a diagnosis.  

(And that’s crazy, right? All the info anyone needed was in my body, but I had to run around like an off-balance chihuahua before someone took me seriously enough to just DO. THE. RIGHT. TEST.)  

Once I had my diagnosis, I became even more determined to crush my symptoms and get my thyroid back on track.  

I literally stopped working for 6 months…  

Finding answers and piecing together the puzzle became my full-time job.  

It was an all-consuming obsession. My family were SO over it.  

But it payed off.  

Slowly but surely, I started to reverse my own symptoms.  

And boy, did I feel good.  

The weight started coming off, my energy went through the roof, and I felt like myself for the first time in years.  

I started singing again.  

I looked forward to walking my dogs.  

I laughed and slept and RELAXED.  

In my husband’s words, I came back to life.  

Once I finally built up the guts to talk with people about what I’d been through --  

And trust me, there was a time where I would’ve rathered eaten my own toe hair than tell the world what I was dealing with --  

I was shocked to find other people were struggling with it too.  

It had felt like such a lonely problem that I’d just assumed I was a giant weirdo for being struck down with this really random thing.  

Once I knew that wasn’t the case - AT ALL - I started helping anyone and everyone get on top of their thyroid issues and STAY there...  

Using *exactly* the same process I used on myself.  

And that process - along with a Holistic Health Coach, a Clinical Counselor, and an Alternative Medicine Doctor - is exactly what’s waiting for you on the other side of the big blue buttons on this page.  

It worked for me. It worked for my friends.  

And it’s worked for hundreds of my clients.  

So if you’re feeling depressed and defeated right now, I want you to know you are NOT alone and this ISN’T a life sentence.  

I’m going to help you kick this thyroid thing in the bee-hind and get back to being your awesome self.  

Say hello to Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0  

AKA the 12 week program that’ll bring you back to life with 9 symptom-busting steps 

Step 1 - The Jumpstart

  • Jumpstart your thyroid and energy levels with a small ‘is-it-really-this-easy?’ adjustment each day 
  • Boost your energy, improve your moods, and get your digestive system back on track  

Step 2 - Making Changes

  • Figure out how your thyroid and hormones are linked  
  • Understand your metabolism
  • Stabilize your mood and get your body burning energy at the right rate 

Step 3 - The Fundamentals

  • Learn what your ‘ideal day’ should look like 
  • Discover the first thing you should be doing every morning and the one thing you should be avoiding at all costs 
  • Take a breath, get perspective and tune in to your body  

Step 4 - Digestion & Gut Healing

Digestion & Gut Healing
  • Heal your body from the inside out 
  • Learn how quickly and easily, with grocery lists, meal plans and recipes 
  • Get rid of bloat, get regular and say “hello!” to glowing skin 

Step 5 - The Catalyst

The Catalyst
  • Identify and eliminate stress to unearth a happier, healthier you 
  • Understand the root cause of your thyroid issues 
  • Learn about and make the right changes so it *never* happens again  

Step 6 - Exercise

  • Learn how to move your body without exacerbating your symptoms 
  • Work your way through my fully customizable workout plan, no gym required  
  • Feel good about yourself again  

Step 7 - Sleep

  • Proven hacks to help you - 

 Get to sleep faster 

 Stay asleep 

 Wake up feeling refreshed 

  • Get rid of brain fog and unlock weight loss (yep, lack of sleep and weight gain are BFFs from way back)  

Step 8 - Supplentation

  • Discover the most effective supplements for every symptom 
  • Learn what you actually need and what you must avoid (and it’s something a lot of people recommend you take) 
  • Speed up your recovery process  

Step 9 - Symptoms & Solutions

Symptoms & Solutions
  • A lifeline for if and when brain fog hits 
  • Each symptom and solution in its most simple form
  • Stop your thyroid from taking over your life, even when you’re feeling your worst  

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is like nothing else on the market

  • It gives you MAXIMUM RESULTS, FAST with teeny tiny baby steps (aka stuff you can handle, even in the deepest, darkest depths of thyroid fatigue)
  • It treats your body as a whole, WITHOUT relying on MEDICATION alone
  • It tells you which steps to take in exactly what order, meaning NO MORE GUESSES OR OVERWHELM about where to start or what to do next 
  • It gives you ACCESS TO THE EXPERTS - the very best ones I found on my quest (yep, it’s not just me in there!)  
  • And it FITS IN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE… you need just 15 minutes a day to start seeing changes  

And, just so we’re clear, here are the changes you can expect to see in the first three weeks…  

⚡ By day five, you’ll feel a big ol’ wave of energy 😊 Sometime during week two, your mood will *drastically* improve. I’m talking happy dances and spirit fingers. 💩 Mid-way through week three, your digestive system will be back on track (buh-bye bloat!) 🎉 And a couple of days after that, you’ll be feeling hopeful, excited, and a whole lot closer to your real self And you’re just a third of the way through the course... 

Real Life-Changing Results (from the mouths of real-life ladies) 

“Before I started Jumpstart 2.0 I was lacking energy, motivation, and focus. I felt like I just existed. Now I’m finished, I’ve done a COMPLETE 360... My energy’s through the roof, I’m sleeping 8-9 hours every night, I have zero digestive issues, and I honestly feel like I’m living again. I’ve lost 9 lbs so far, without counting calories, and while eating (healthier versions) of all the foods I love. I’m almost completely off my thyroid medication because my body is finally realizing it’s a powerhouse-healing machine! I’ve never felt more badass and this new me is here to stay for good.” - Kristen Fortier 


“Nine months after I started the course, my doctor took me off synthetic medication… She was floored by my progress! I’ve lost inches off my frame, my hair and nails are growing like a weed, my anxiety’s almost non-existent, I’m sleeping *so* much better, and people keep telling me I look younger. I’m hopeful, energized, inspired, informed, confident, active, and feeling sexy! Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 cut out all the noise and gave me a clear path to healing.” - Ashley Morrison  

“Before starting TJ 2.0, I wasn’t sure it was going to work… I thought the only way things would get better was by taking medicine. I was so wrong. TJ 2.0 has taken me from having no energy-- Literally falling asleep while trying to help my daughter with her homework -- To being able to make it through the day without even a whiff of caffeine. I’ve lost 22lbs and feel like my life has been amped up to the next level!”- Chanel Sledge


“I had a bit of a hormonal breakdown last April. My body crashed, which in turn threw my progesterone and thyroid levels completely off. I became incredibly depressed, had major vision problems, brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety attacks. I could NOT lose weight, I was unhappy and *so* irritable… That’s when I began Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0. Through the course, Erin taught me to listen to my body, mind and soul and to slow the f$#k down. I lost 26 lbs. I learned to stop allowing people take advantage of my time and how to set up boundaries for my health and mindset. Most importantly, I learned to LOVE ME!” - Cheri Rudolf 

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 gives you everything you need to smash through your symptoms in 12 weeks

Once you’re in, you get...


21 DAYS OF SYMPTOM-BUSTING CONTENT, DELIVERED IN SHORT SNIPPETS, so there’s zero chance of overwhelm. I pop up in your inbox every day with a baby step you can implement right away to get your body and your life back on track. 


ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP WHERE MY EXPERTS AND I HANG OUT. You can ask us questions, share your struggles, and get support from us and all the other ladies in the course. In other words, you’ll never feel like you’re going through the process alone.


ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO STAY ON TRACK. That’s a grocery list, meal planner, recipes, journal and tracker, and workouts you can actually manage with all those gnarly symptoms. 

Live Calls with Experts

LIVE CALLS WITH THE EXPERTS. We’ll talk with Delaca Watson, Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Coach; Dr. Carolyn Maxfield, Alternative Medicine Doctor; and Julia Kristina, kickass Clinical Counselor. They’ll bring their expertise and experience straight to you, giving you info, suggestions, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Lifetime Access

LIFETIME ACCESS TO NINE DIFFERENT MODULES FULL OF STRATEGIES PROVEN TO KICK THYROID’S ASS. After those first 21 days, you get to hone in on whatever symptoms are causing you the most pain. Maybe it’s weight gain, maybe it’s digestion, poor sleep, stress, or hair-loss. Maybe it’s everything at once. Whatever it is, every single bit of information and course of action you need to get on top of your symptoms will be right there waiting for you.

Because I am *so* determined to see you beat your thyroid symptoms right outta your body, I’m also throwing in a few bonuses…

They deep-dive into topics that’ll POWER-UP your recovery, giving you all the tools and support your need to master your own health. They’re completely free and totally exclusive (i.e. you won’t find ‘em anywhere else). 

Bonus 1: Detox 101 Learn how to detox your body the RIGHT way… and I’m not talkin’ about a juice cleanse or some simple lemon water in the morning. If you don’t open up your detox pathways, you can’t fully heal. Arm yourself with REAL detox strategies, including the Detox Potion I swear by…cuz no-one should detox alone!  


Bonus 2: On the Road Guide All the tools you need to stay on track with your recovery when you’re away from home, traveling, or on vacation, including checklists, cheat sheets and exercises you can do in any hotel room.  

On the Road Guide

Bonus 3: Dealing with PMS Aunt Flo is a real hag. Learn how to manage mood swings, crush cravings, minimize pain and discomfort, and reduce bloating WITHOUT medication. Get everything you need to master your cycle.  

Dealing with PMS

Bonus 4: Finding a Practitioner Find a medical professional who will actually listen to you and provide the information and support you need. I’ll give you questions to ask, things to look out for, and - if you live near a practitioner I know is great - I’ll open my little black book.  

Finding a Practicioner

Bonus 5: Sugar Detox Workbook Sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine, so eliminating it from your diet is no joke. Learn how to cut it out in a sustainable way. No overwhelm, no unmanageable cravings, and no replacements that taste like cardboard. And as a bonus, I’ll even teach you how to have the occasional sweet treat.  


Sugar Detox

Bonus 6: Light Therapy Restore your body in 30 minutes a day while simply sitting still (don’t worry, I know it sounds crazy). Feel happier, energized, and ready to tackle your day.  


Light Therapy

Let’s get real for a second → Like, REALLY real You’ve tried to crush your symptoms before… You’ve spent your hard earned cash -- (hundreds, or maybe even thousands of it) -- On doctors appointments, medications, and expensive supplements. You’ve devoted your precious time and energy to hardcore workouts, excessive meal prep, and all sorts of hectic lifestyle changes... But your life is STILL being dictated by your thyroid. IT. SUCKS. So I totally get it if you’re dubious. The thing is, I can *tell* you a million-gazillion times that Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 works -- But the best way to know for sure is to experience it for yourself… 100% risk-free. It’s time for you to meet my --  

30 Day Do-The-Work Money Back Guarantee


If you do the work for the first 30 days of the course and don’t get any of those things I laid out for you earlier --  

+ Increased energy + Better mood + Seriously improved digestion + And the all-important feeling of returning to your real self  

You let me know homie, and I will give you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.  

This is not one of those money back guarantees where you’ll spend three weeks being flung around the customer service section of some giant organization, telling your story to 32 different people, and wondering if all the time and effort is even worth it.  

This is you, sending my tight-knit team an email ( --  

Along with your journal and tracking from those first 30 days to show you’ve done the work --  

And getting a response and a refund within three working days.  

It’s my way of making sure your doubt, uncertainty, and past experiences don’t hold you back from finally getting what works.  

I’ve got your back, boo!  


Crush your symptoms and come back to life  

Both plans give you instant lifetime access, ALL the killer bonuses I mentioned above, and my 30 Day Do-The-Work Money Back Guarantee.  

It’s no risk, all reward, my friend!  

- BEST VALUE - Save 12% One upfront payment of $497  

- MOST FLEXIBLE - Pay as you go 3 monthly installments of $187  

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is PERFECT for you, even if… 

YOU DON’T HAVE A DIAGNOSIS If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, this course will help you. I know - from my own personal experience, my research, my work, and my conversations with the best brains in the business - getting a diagnosis can be almost impossible. Some doctors spend years exploring other causes for your symptoms, and some labs only show results if you’re on the extreme end of the (STUPIDLY wide) spectrum. No diagnosis, no problem. Opt in based on how you feel.  

★ YOU’RE HELLA EXHAUSTED If you’re wondering how the heck you can tackle a 12 week course when you barely have the energy to cook dinner, don’t worry, boo! I’ve got your back. I’m *expecting* you to be tired, run-down, and all outta oomph when you start, which is why the first 21 days are teeny tiny baby steps. They protect whatever energy you have and simultaneously build up your stores, so by the time week four rolls around you’re ready to dive in a little deeper. 

★ YOU HAVE A GREAT DOCTOR Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 isn’t a choice between me and your doctor. It’s a way to get the information, support, and step-by-step instructions most doctors don’t know or don’t have time to give you. So you do you - doctor or no doctor is totally fine by me.  

★ LIFE IS BUSY AND COMPLICATED You only need 15 minutes a day to make your way through the course and start seeing results. You’ll be connected to a community of kickass ladies and - together - we’ll provide support, hold you accountable, and keep you moving forward.  

★ YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED AND RUDDERLESS The best thing about the course is I’ve done the work for you. I’ve read the books, done the research, spoken to the experts and lived through it. I feed you the recovery process step-by-step in bite-sized pieces so you never have to wonder “what next?”.  

★ YOU HAVE KIDS OR ARE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT I can’t think of a better time to be your strongest, healthiest, most energetic self than when you’re busy shaping little lives. The food and exercise components of the program are pregnancy safe and kid-friendly, right down to the quick and easy recipes.  

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is based on science, not magic 

And Lord knows your symptoms are WAY too stubborn to budge with the flick of a wand or the rub of a magic lamp. You have to do the work to get the results. You need to put what you learn into practice -- One day at a time, one step at a time (← that’s all I’m asking) -- To get REAL, lasting change. And I *know* you’re not the kinda lady who’ll let a little commitment stand between you and... 

  • Waking up every morning FEELING GOOD 
  • Going to bed every night feeling accomplished 
  • Losing weight and GAINING SELF-CONFIDENCE 
  • Finally understanding your body and TAKING CONTROL of your health 
  • Having the ENERGY to play with your kids, have fun with your husband, and go out with your friends 
  • Getting your life back  

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 turned Rachel Russel’s life around

“Before I started the program, I had cut way back on riding my horse because I couldn’t muster the energy to saddle her. Horses have been my passion since early childhood and it was devastating to feel so tired I couldn’t even brush her. At my children’s sports events, I could barely sit still because I wanted so much to lay down. If they needed an errand across town, it felt monumental. I actually didn’t realize how bad I was until I came out of it. While I “knew” much of the information Erin shared, the difference was it went from a medical journal report or a discussion with my naturopath to having a real person say, ‘I did this and it worked. Let me guide you.’ And I needed that, because it doesn’t happen overnight. And when you feel like you’re just trying random things, you don’t stick it out. Now, I’m energized. I feel like I am on FIRE! My blood tests no longer show iron deficiency, and I’ve reduced my Naturethroid prescription." - Rachel Russell


It turned Cyndy Mayhall from a non-believer into a raving fan


“Before I started this program, I was worried this was another thing that wasn’t going to work. “I was scared of spending money I didn’t really have, only to get disappointing results. But... I decided I was going to invest in myself, because I wanted to get the same results Erin did. TJ 2.0 helped me get control of my hormones, my mind, and my life. I don’t get stressed about things, my panic attacks have stopped, and I’m sleeping through the night. I am so much happier with myself.” - Cyndy Mayhall 

And now it’s your turn

In 12 weeks, your story could be here. And your picture could be here → (Damn, future you looks good!) All your horrible, life-ruining thyroid symptoms could be disappearing in the rear-view mirror… And you could be coming back to life  


Here’s some tough talk for you and your thyroid

The real risk you’re facing at the moment isn’t getting your hopes up or wasting your money…  

(Remember my money back guarantee?)  

The real risk is doing nothing. 

(And I’m not saying this to be all salesy - that’s really not my style) I’m saying it because I’ve lived through the fog of thyroid dysfunction AND come out the other side.  


I absolutely understand where you’re at, what you’re up against, and what’s possible --  

And I’m offering you the exact process that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.  

I am the right person to get you out of that deep, dark hole your thyroid’s put you into.  

I take a no BS approach and boil everything down very simply.  

I speak in your language, I give it to you straight, and I make it very doable.  

Because *newsflash* --  

This doesn’t have to be scary.  

This doesn’t have to be a stab in the dark.  

And the way you’re feeling now… it doesn’t have to be forever.  

Trust me when I say you’ve got this.  

See you on the inside!  


* Fit Rocker Chick 

FAQs (Cause I got you, boo!) 

I don’t have a diagnosis. Is this still for me? Heck yes. A diagnosis is often hard to come by, either because you aren’t getting the right tests or your lab results are at the outer limits of ‘normal’ (it’s a stupidly large scale), meaning you don’t quite qualify for an official rubber stamp. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of hypothyroid (all those ones listed above, like constant tiredness, mood swings, weight gain, anxiety and depression) this course is for you.  

What if this doesn’t work? That’s where my 30 Day Do-The-Work Money Back Guarantee comes in. If you do the work for the first 30 days and don’t experience any shift in your symptoms, you simply send my team an email, including proof of your work, and we’ll process your refund within 3 working days.  

How is this different to the Thyroid Jumpstart CHALLENGE (aka why should I pay for this)? The two aren’t even comparable. The challenge was a 5 day mini-course whereas 2.0 is a complete 12 week program (aka the whole shebang!). It leaves nothing out, deep diving into everything you might be struggling with and showing you exactly how to fix it. It’s 12x as long as the challenge, has 100x the information, and 4x the expertise (me + three specialists). You also get lifetime access to the material and the Facebook group, where a lot of my past clients still hang out to cheer on the newbies. It’s like a little family in there! Moral of the story... Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is a completely different beast and you need it if you want to build on the changes you got from the challenge and get rid of your symptoms for good.  

Will you be available for questions and guidance? I sure will! I’m in the Facebook group every day. I’m answering questions in the discussion section of each course page on the regular. And I’ll be live on your screen for those two scheduled calls, ready and waiting to hear from you.  

How do I know this is legit? I get it - I’m not a doctor. But chances are, I’ve read more about thyroid and been to more conferences on adrenal issues than your average GP. I’ve also lived through hypothyroidism myself, so I bring my own experiences to the table. On top of this, I’ve rounded up three top medical specialists (all with legit qualifications) for the course, to bring a whole other realm of expertise. Finally, Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is legit because it works. Every single testimonial on this page is from a real lady, talking about her experiences of the course in her words.  

What if I’m a picky eater? There are over 200 foods on my approved grocery list, ready and waiting for you mix em up and cook em up however you want. They’re all wholesome goodies - so if your current diet’s 60% Reese’s Pieces and 40% mac n’ cheese, it’ll be an adjustment - but TRUST ME when I say there’s no way in hell you’ll be eating cardboard from here on out. Think sweet potato chips, buckwheat coconut pancakes, spicy chicken stir-fries, homemade pizza, and big ol’ hunks a meat. (If you didn’t know already, I love my food!)  

Do you include meal plans? Yep! Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists - the whole shebang! I even tell you WHEN to eat and HOW... Call me an overachiever ;)  

How much time per day do I need to make Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 work for me? About 10-15 minutes per day, MAX. You just need enough time to watch a short video and track your body and habits each day ( ← this part will keep you accountable and allow you to tally up all the awesome changes you experience as you move through the course).  

When will I start seeing changes? In 5 days, baby! Most people feel their first big wave of energy after five days, drastically better moods in week two, and better digestion by the end of week three. Just a few simple changes in the first couple of days are all it takes to start seeing results. (Heads up: I still get excited when all this awesomeness starts happening for someone, so be prepared to have me celebrating alongside of you in a few days’ time!)  

Is this just diet and exercise? Nope. Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 goes waaayy deeper than that: it looks at your body as a whole. You’ll come out the other end knowing not just *what* to do to slay your symptoms and stay on top of your health, but *why*. You’ll get to the ROOT CAUSE of your thyroid issues and rebuild your health from the ground up. You’ll finish the course with everything you need to take control of your health for the rest of your life, so you never have to worry about this crap again.  

Do I need to spend a bucket load of money on fancy food, supplements, and gym equipment for Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 to work? No. Supplement, food, and product recommendations are just that… a recommendation! Whether you buy any of these things is totally up to you, and choosing not to won’t impact what you get out of the course. All the included workouts can be done at home and don’t require fancy equipment. In short, the only money you need to spend is on the course itself.  

Can I still see my doctor? Signing up for the course ISN’T a choice between me and your doctor. There are things your doctor can do for you that I can’t (like write you scripts and interpret your labs); and there are things I can do for you that your doctor can’t (like give you a step-by-step natural process for healing and a grant you access to a supportive community of people struggling with similar stuff). The ultimate goal of Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is to get you fighting fit without medication, so you may find you don’t need your doctor as much in the near future, but that choice is yours to make.  


Crush your symptoms and come back to life  

Both plans give you instant lifetime access, ALL the killer bonuses I mentioned above, and my 30 Day Do-The-Work Money Back Guarantee.  

It’s no risk, all reward, my friend!  

- BEST VALUE - Save 12% One upfront payment of $497  

- MOST FLEXIBLE - Pay as you go 3 monthly installments of $187